4 October 2023

3 thoughts on “Hiring Antonio Conte was a mistake – better to say it early

  1. I think you are talking utter rubbish! Tottenhams issues have been prevalent for a considerable time now beginning arguably whilst Spurs were still under Pochettino, and becoming increasingly more evident following his questionable departure. Many mistakes have been made since, but none of which Conte is directly responsible in any shape or form.
    Personally speaking I think many of the issues that Tottenham face now are a result of not addressing areas of player recruitment in the right way, and gradually this has built up to be a much bigger overall problem with the squad as a whole. For me there seems a lack of unity and hunger translates into poor and inept performances on the pitch, and Spurs are not only slow to get going, but seem to capitulate far too easily to be deemed a top side now. There needs to be a massive shift in attitude and application to turn things around as presently THFC are a stagnant outfit that will achieve none of its underlying ambitions as long as it is run like this.

  2. I actually agree with everything you said
    Tactics should suit the players you have not the ones you wish to have
    That’s why Southampton and wolves beat us
    Leicester should have beaten us and Watford deserved a point
    How far off top 4 would that have left us with
    Give me poch or Arry football any day please
    Under Conte we are playing the same way as morinho
    Win, lose or draw I want to enjoy watching my team
    Let’s see how things turn out in the summer though

  3. I agree with you. The 0-2 defeat to Wolves was the result that told me that Conte isn’t committed to work with the players he has and organise them in a way that might bring some success on the pitch. As soon as I saw the line-up, a 2 man midfield with Winks partnering Betancur, and Sánchez the central player in a back 3, I feared the worst. What’s so upsetting is that for a while Conte did seem committed to working with our players and the results were pretty good. But the trio of defeats to Chelsea seems to have convinced him that we are no-hopers. What seems perverse is his insistence on playing a 3-4-3 formation when we don’t have the players to make a success of this. Especially as the result against Southampton had shown everyone that we couldn’t make this work. The players look confused – ‘why are we playing 3-4-3 again ?’ and dispirited. Imagine working for a boss who tells all the world that you’re no good, and rubs it in by playing a system that all the players know doesn’t work! Oh god, this is like a re-run of the worst of Mourinho! This is down to Levy’s desperately poor understanding of how a football club should be managed. He makes reactive decisions, has no plan of how to develop the team, he hopes ‘marquee’ managers will turn up and make it all wonderful, without understanding how they work and how they have achieved success at other clubs. It’s not looking good is it?

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